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White Paper on Serving People

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1. Foreword

Our office is a Prosecution Office of second trial, whose jurisdiction covers the regions of Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County and Miaoli County. The main functions of our office are to investigate cases, exercise public prosecutions, assist self-indictment, command the enforcement of criminal judgment and to exercise other functions pursuant to the laws and regulations concerned. To make our functions and key work known to the people, and promote the centripetal force of the people thus to establish beliefs and confidences of the people in justice, and to bless the people and maintain the justice of the society by implementing adequately the functions of prosecution, this Customers Service White Paper is presented on the base of the idea of justice for the people, by which we can improve our service to fulfill the functions of safeguarding the rights of the people.

2. Main Work at the Current Time:

(1) Fulfill Justice:

Regarding the breach of social justice, we will cooperate with other ministry to sweep off the commitment, such as financial crime, fraud, hollowing out company’s assets, ransom, and other crime in the people’s livelihood, as it emerges, it is just our current point of work.

(2) Improve Efficiency:

To safeguard the rights of the people, we have been trying our best to conduct the investigation, appeal, reconsideration motion, defense, enforcement of judgment (including judgment converted into fines), claiming penalty against defendants, claiming exempt of enforcement and claiming the criminal enforcement, jurisdiction transfer, Military Judgment Comment Paper, reconsideration of victim’s compensation and the public opinions.

(3) Implement Public Prosecutions:

When undertaking prosecution cases, our prosecutors shall be present at the court to exercise public prosecution and argue practically, review case documents before trial, and contact prosecutors of first trial if necessary to know more details of the case, and shall pay attention to the evidences either favorable or unfavorable to the defendant to avoid injustice against the defendant.

(4) Apply adequately the rights to oppose a judgment and to appeal:

Upon receiving judgment, prosecutors shall read it carefully to check if there is anything miscarriage of justice in the judgment to oppose or appeal a third trial; in case the judgment is final while it did have miscarriage of justice, prosecutors shall present Special Appeal Paper to Prosecutor General of the Supreme Prosecutors Office to appeal for remedy.

(5) Work Hard at Prosecutions:

To uncover and stop lawbreaking and crimes are the responsibilities of prosecutors. When handling a case, if prosecutors find there are suspects of concerned or non concerned person, testifiers, or crime suspects in advertisement of newspaper or newspaper, prosecutors shall investigate the name and address of the involved persons and submit them to the local District Prosecutors Office for further investigation.

(6) Intensify Protection on Victims of Crime:

There is a Commission on Compensation Reconsideration for Victims of Crime established in Taichung Branch, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office which is in charge of the reconsideration of the appeal made by the applicants who appeal against the decision or decision of inaction.

3. We Undertake That We shall:

(1) Apply the principles of careful conducts:

We shall treat equally the customers in spite of the service items is big or small, and conduct carefully to resolve each individual case adequately.

(2) Apply the principles of professional conducts:

We require strictly our staff to become familiar with legal knowledge, and the personnel in all Sections and Offices shall assist the customers with the most clear and accurate reply in the shortest time.

(3) Intensify two-way communication:

We shall reply and explain to the customers in a reasonable, friendly and tactful way, in case there is misapprehension by customers, we shall explain to them in a more calm and tactful way.

4. Direct Services for the people:

(1) Execute the cases of public opinion:

A. Cases of public opinion shall be executed immediately as soon as they are presented.

B. To intensify the services for the people, our office has kept all the documents of public opinion in computer classified with Tiao (Investigation) and Chen (Petition) according the source of public opinion from organs or individuals in pursuance of Regulations on Executing Cases of Public Opinion, the cases shall be executed in one month and replied to the source; if the opinion is orally expressed, our staff shall listen it carefully and keep record for instant execution.

(2) Enquiry Services:

For cases which cannot be executed or explained immediately by us, we shall assist the customers to transfer the documents to other organs or ask other legal service organs to assist them.

(3) Services for Petitions on Phone:

For petitions on phones, if the cases are easy, our staff shall reply immediately, and for cases which cannot be replied immediately, we shall suggest them to present their opinions in written form for execution in term limit.

(4) Intensify Network Services:

There are Application Forms, Sample Indictment for download on our website, which is administrated by special personnel for replying and explaining services.

(5) Services for Applying Cases:

A. Reply in time limit. 

B. Classify the cases by Shengta, and reply to applicants immediately after each case is finished, for cases which cannot be finished in time limit, a correspondence shall be mailed to the applicants to notify them.

C. Case samples are listed on service counter for free use by customers.

(6) Intensify the services measures in Customers Services Center: 

A. Assign personnel by selection:

Personnel to be assigned in the Services Center shall be those who are senior personnel with intensive legal knowledge and are able to explain and assist to execute cases friendly and warmheartedly. 

B. Offer facilities to the customers:

a. Establish flowing chart of applying cases to facilitate the customers, application.

b. Display application forms, establish flowing chart of executing cases and offer free application forms.

c. Offer desks and chairs for filling in forms, photocopy furniture and presbyopic glasses.

d. Offer wheel chair, courtesy rings and breast-feeding room. 

C. Promote the propaganda of legal knowledge:

a. Prosecutors shall visit schools and block communities to propagandize legal knowledge aperiodically. 

b. Work with social institutes to organize actions against bribery election, propagandize legal knowledge and improve democracy sense of the people.

c. Display publications of legal knowledge in Services Center to be read free by people.

D. Receive all kinds of suggestions and opinions from the public: 

Set Suggestion Box and Suggestions Questionnaire, and make investigation statistics on suggestions.

E. Set Administrative Innovation Mail Box to receive renovation words from the public; there is also an email account to receive public opinion and reply to the enquiry question by the people. 

F. To improve the image of justice and facilitate the people, Customers Services Center offers customers with unitary services at customers service desk from beginning to the end of the cases.

G. Service Items in Customers Services Center

a. To be present at the court on time. 

b. Pay travel fees to testifiers and certifiers as soon as possible. 

c. Review liberally the sentence converted into a fine. 

d. Guide the parties or the relevant to proceed with litigation. 

e. Guide register, submission of indictment and application of delay. 

f. Guide customers to Civilian Legal Service Center for enquiry about legal questions.

g. Assist parties or the relevant to apply supplementary certificates or other documents. 

h. Intensify assistance of litigation and prevail with common knowledge about laws. 

i. Other service items.

(7) About the news report in investigation into cases.

A. Apply completely the News Spokesman System.

B. The contents of the news shall be adequate. 

C. Layout special zone for news interview and limit reporters to enter the offices of the personnel in charge of the cases.

(8) For appeal rejected by prosecutors, the reasons of rejection shall be notified to the party as soon as possible. 

For third-trial appealable cases that informed by second trial court with not guilty, exempt of indictment or rejection of appeal, the responsible personnel shall notify the sentence result to the accusers, who appeal a third trial, to avoid being deceived when the prosecutors confirm that there is no reason to appeal.

5. We will keep reviewing and improving our services quality and shall not be self-satisfied with status quo:

(1) We have set up over twenty regulations about service manners, prevalence measures and phone polite formula according to the Service Items and Rating Standard of the Organs Subordinate to Department of Justice, by which we rate ourselves during the daily work; and test randomly the phone polite formula of the staff, administrate and urge the cases of public opinions, improve the professional skill of the staff and train them with service manners, keep reviewing and improving work in brief reports as important reference of year-end rating.

(2) Keep well informed of public opinions by publishing questionnaires of Customers Service Questionnaire randomly, and develop new measures of services and simply the execution flow, and combined as necessary with social resources to offer services for the people.

6. We would like to hear from you, and if you have any suggestion or comment, please don’t hesitate to inform us so we can execute them adequately; if you have good idea, please let us know as reference of improvement.

Address of our office:

No.91, Sec. 1, Zihyou Rd.,

West District, Taichung City 403,

Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: (04) 22232311 ext: 2124


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